Automate your accounts payable department to cut cost and complexity

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Any accounts payable department that handles lots of invoices will struggle to cope with complex processes.

So let's change things. Let's make things less complex and more efficient.

Intelligent invoice processing

For the majority of companies working towards full Accounts Payable Automation, the first step is to get off paper. Once you do that, you’ll see opportunities for a more intelligent, streamlined, invoice handling process. Basware accounts payable automation software and services provide control, insight and efficiency to large organizations and emerging businesses alike.

Basware Accounts Payable Automation benefits

  • Improve cash visibility and forecasting – understand the movement of cash across your  business and control it
  • Reduce invoice handling costs by up to 90% once suppliers start sending you e-Invoices
  • Ensure compliance with national and international legislation

A leading portfolio of Accounts Payable solutions

Basware Invoice Pro supports the needs of medium and large companies with robust, scalable, invoice processing that offers plenty of flexibility within a structure of best practice processes.

Basware Invoice Automation is our most popular product. It matches invoices to orders and invoice plans automatically, saving you significant sums.

Basware InvoiceReady™ provides SMBs with a complete P2P solution supporting invoice processing and the creation of requisitions, expense claims and invoice plans. It’s easy to use and needs the least amount of customization.

Basware Enterprise Solutions are tailored to meet your precise requirements. Implemented by our professional services team using current best practices so you can realize value fast.

How Basware helps you to lead the change

Step 1 for all our customers is to say goodbye to paper invoice handling. Basware supports you locally and globally with a 100% electronic invoice solution. A combination of e-invoice on-ramps for your suppliers complemented by a Global Scan and Capture Service means you’ll receive all invoices electronically.

Step 2 is all about intelligent invoice processing. After 27 years in the business and thousands of customers, we have a portfolio of solutions that are entirely built upon best practices. Which solution best fits your needs? The size of your organization, the complexity of your IT landscape and the number of people, suppliers and document types you work with are all variables that you (and Basware) must take into account. It’s all about your choice.

Step 3 when invoices are being supplied and processed electronically, you’ll have full online visibility on all your KPIs. As research shows, the cost advantages are immediate and compelling.