Basware Financing Services brochure

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Optimize cash and working capital with financing services available on the Basware Network

Basware Financing Services is a suite of complimentary supply chain financing options that allows buyers and suppliers to improve cash flow with innovative business financing options and new payment solutions including:

Basware Pay solution: for faster and easier payments

Basware Pay extends the value of the Basware Network by providing a seamless, easy to deploy global payment solution offering in collaboration with Mastercard.

Basware Discount: dynamic discounting

Setting payment terms is both easy and flexible, and your suppliers will be able to see just how much they will get paid depending on when an invoice is approved for payment.

With Basware Financing Services you can: Streamline payments processes, reduce supply chain risks and improve cash flow visibility and accelerate e-invoicing adoption.

Read the brochure to learn more.